Our share market outside Spain is still low. However, we work abroad too and we are starting to spand our publishing brand internationally, so we should maybe have this little space for an English-speaking audience…

Who are we?

The first archaeological company in Spain devoted to research in public archaeology. Jaime Almansa-Sánchez gives his name to the company and has been working hard all these years to promote it. Anyway, one person cannot do everything, especially now he is fully devoted to research, so we have a group of trusted colleagues worldwide to help with anything necessary. Tell us what you need and we will find a solution!

What do we do?

Although research was the motif to start this venture, our main business is publishing. We edit books and journals and we just got accepted in Scopus, so they must be good enough. So, if you are looking for a publisher, think about us. With the new store we are virtually anywere.

We also do training and outreach, but this is an on-demand service that might be too expensive for you. However, if you are interested tell us… we can maybe find a solution and we are great experts in archaeological heritage management and public archaeology.

But what might interest you is our consultancy services. Our expertise can help you solve any problem concerning archaeology. We are not talking about digging, but managing in a broad sense… If you need to valorize a site, build a promotion campaign, help designing materials or you are just having trouble with archaeology within your daily life, tell us! We also provide assistance for audiovisual productions, media and even politicians, not to mention the use of cultural heritage for development in aid projects. Basically anything you can imagine is in our scope. We even plan events! (and have two major conferences on the go).

Why should you think of us?

We are different and work towards a different archaeology. Jaime’s mom used to say he was like a non-profit and an arquitect once told us we put too much love on our work. We are still learning, but getting better day by day, so if you are loking for a close trustful partner, think of us!